Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Gratitude” June 1, 2020

Your Weekly Prompt – Gratitude – June 1, 2020

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triumph of gratitude

peaceful thoughts on dual sides

embrace the moment

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Last week’s roundup – Renewal – May 25, 2020.

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The Bag Lady


Art, Photography and Poetry

Reena Saxena

Getting Lost


Keep it Alive

Kitty’s Verses

The Twisting Tail

Nova’s Namastè 365 Online

Light Motifs, II

Emotions Lie

Hearing the Mermaids Sing

Wild Scared Crazy


Magic-Normal Life

What she wrote next


Very Important Stuff Here

The wide blue

One Woman’s Quest II

One Woman’s Quest II

Sarika, Pure Reflections



MMA Storytime



Stine Writing

defying atrophy

earth sky air



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  1. Hi Eugenia: My contribution to this week’s word prompt Gratitude.

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  2. Hi Eugenia,
    Thank you for running the challenge. Here’s my attempt :-
    Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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  3. Hi Eugi.
    Here is my link for the Gratitude prompt. Not sure if my pingback worked.


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  4. Hi Eugenia, here is my very short contribution for this week.
    I’ll write a longer poem at the weekend. So, gratitude to you for the inspiration!

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  5. Thank you. I needed this prompt. This day.

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  6. Hi Euginia, not wishing to be greedy, but here is a second attitude of gratitude.

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  7. Thanks for the prompt Eugi.. you have been doing this beautifully and I wish you to continue. Here is my take on the prompt

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