Staged plays

dramas disturb life

farewell roles with mixed reviews

echoes of missed cues

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #138

featured image – Pexels

24 responses to “Staged plays

  1. I really enjoyed this piece, Eugenia.

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  2. Succinct and evocative

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  3. Rhen Laird

    WOW, this is really GOOD!

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  4. Yes. Echoes of missed cues become regrets later in life.

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    Staged plays ….. by Eugenia

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  6. Wonderful take on the prompt! Says it all.

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  7. Yes…. our stage is learning curve…
    on how to play the game
    Without damaging our nerve

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  8. “echoes of missed cues” – this really resonated with me.

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