Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Underdog”, June 8, 2020

Your Weekly Prompt – Underdog – June 8, 2020

undoing mindsets

underdog questions reason

twisted happenstance

Go where the prompt leads you and publish a post on your own blog that responds to the prompt. It can be words and/or images. Please keep it family friendly. Prompts close 7 days from the close of my post.

Link your blog to mine with a pingback. To do a pingback: Copy the URL (the HTTPS:// address of my post) and paste it into your post. You may also place a copy of the URL of your post in the comments of the current week’s prompt.

Let’s be creative and have fun!

Last week’s roundup – Gratitude – June 1, 2020.

I Write Her

Getting lost

Khwabo ka Sapna

The Bag Lady

Does writing excuse watching?

Reena Saxena




The Twisting Tail

Art, Photography and Poetry


Keep it alive

MMA Storytime

Khwabo ka Sapna

earth sky air

Light Motifs II

One Woman’s Quest

Kitty’s Verses

thoughts and entanglements



defying atrophy



SteampunkCowCorn (Absenta, la Fée Verte)


What she wrote next


featured image – Pexels

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  1. Twas a great week Eugenia..

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  2. A most wonderful week of participation.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. ♥

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  3. MOL that was a good one 😺Pawkisses for a Happy Monday🐾😽💞

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  4. Wow, another week gone so quickly. Here’s my offering this week in response to weekly prompt ‘Underdog’ – Senryū / Running life’s long Race. here’s the link

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  5. Wow, your lines make for another great prompt, thanks!

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  6. Wow another word triggering creativity inside. Thanks Eugi.
    Take care.

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  7. Definitely, a cutie!


  8. Thank you for making me think. Lol. Have a beautiful day! 🦋

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  9. This uncovered wonderful memories for me. Thanks for the prompt!

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  10. Hi Eugenia: My response to your challenge on Underdog. Thanks.

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  11. wow your prompts generate great participation!

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  12. Hi Eugenia ♥️
    Here’s my entry for the prompt..
    Thanks 🙏🌹

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  13. Hi Eugi,
    Thank you for running the challenge,
    Sorry for the very late response. Here’s my attempt :-
    Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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