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  1. We are supposed to have 29-32 degrees tomorrow – in the shadow!
    But on Sunday the forecast predicts overcast – but still pretty warm: 28-29 C!
    I can’t help what will happen next year? Is this ‘global warming? So will next summer touch on 35?
    And then?

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    1. The weather is crazy, Svein! Since Mother Earth got a little bit of a break during the virus, I wonder what impact that may have on the weather, if any. So far, our temps have been very pleasant for this time of the year.


  2. “peaceful days purposed” … is needed so much when there is unrest all around. We have seen a sudden spike in Covid cases in the last two days, and I see only fear all around.

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    1. We’ve seen in spike in Covid cases, as well. We stay at home except to buy groceries. Anytime I go outside to pick up packages, etc., I wear a mask and carry Lysol wipes. I feel some of the information we’re privy to is truthful and in some cases not, and in some cases, they just don’t know.

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