moon tides ebb and flow

dreamy thoughts yawn in my mind

my pace heeds caution

VJ’s Weekly Challenge #102: Pace

Your Daily Word Prompt – Caution – June 30, 2020


image credits – Pexels

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  1. Love the calmness of your poem.

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  2. I like the twist in the final line.

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  3. One word comment: BEAUTIFUL!

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  4. Good use of the prompts! 🙂

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  5. How you convey such peace, tranquility, stillness and quiet in just 15 words is absolutely beyond me. Thank you.

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  6. Now here’s a pace that leaves room for breathing and being.

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  7. Riffing Eugenia’s “Unhurried”

    Weighted portions, coming and going in stride;
    epiphanies emerge, in their own time and space.
    Depictions appear, to surge, then run and hide;
    parody, parity append, as if they own the place.

    Michael Todd (2020)

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  8. On the prompt about caution:

    I ran towards the slippery when wet floor
    I expected to fly without wings
    and swim on the floor.

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  9. WOW-good, especially “thoughts yawn”, as well as “pace heeds”. Really good, Eugenia.

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  10. Any time I need some peace in my life, I find I just need to read your work

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  11. the power of the moon

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  1. Remember to Breathe – One Woman's Quest II

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