“Mighty” prompt participants – Reena Saxena; Keep it alive; Sarika, Pure Reflections

In response to Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Mighty – June 29, 2020

Reena Saxena

Too close for comfort

Keep it alive

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Mighty

Sarika, Pure Reflections



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8 responses to ““Mighty” prompt participants – Reena Saxena; Keep it alive; Sarika, Pure Reflections

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing Eugenia


  2. My pleasure, Sadje!


  3. Hello, Fran! I’d not seen you around lately and thought I would stop by and say hello! ❤

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    • Hi, Colleen and thank you for stopping in! We’re staying home and still not ready to get out and around. My blogs are keeping me busy, especially my weekly prompts. I’ve lost a few of those I regularly follow and having to go to the Reader to find them. Are you having similar issues?

      I’m on my way to your blog because I haven’t been receiving notifications of your posts, either.

      I hope you are well and have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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      • Yes, we’re well and staying home as well. I’m on the business plan now and have asked everyone to sign up for my daily newsletter. I can’t find many folks in the reader anymore. It’s been a nightmare. I’m glad you’re well. ❤

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      • My second blog is on the business plan and as soon as the plan expires, I am moving it back to the premium plan. The business plan isn’t for me.

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      • I like it. It’s too expensive. My biggest issue is with the themes. Most of them didn’t work on the premium plan. I’m probably going to go back as well. 🥰

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