Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Autumn Leaves” – Roundup

summer surrenders

to the gentle touch of fall

leaves await their cue

Last week’s roundup – Autumn Leaves – September 14, 2020 A sincere thanks to all of you that participated in the prompt. If I left anyone out, please let me know.

Next week’s prompt will be posted Monday in the A.M.

shinryoo ~ a haiku – Mindfills

Try this, when the LEAVES BEGIN TO FALL! – My Forever

I Write Her

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Autumn Leaves – The Bag Lady

Autumn Leaves – Light Motifs II

I Love You – michnavs

Haiku/Tanka – Autumn & Leaves – radhikasreflection

Autumn Days – Dr. Kanya Rani Vashisht

Haiku – Morning Furnaced Wakes – A poem by Goff James – Art, Photography and Poetry

Like Autumn Leaves – Straight From My Heart

Autumn Leaves – The Twisting Tail

Autumn Leaves – kimbladeswriting

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Autumn Leaves – Keep it alive

Autumn Leaves – thoughts and entanglements


“Autumn Leaves” – Paperkutzs

Ominous – Reena Saxena

Autumn Leaves? – Breathing Shallow Poetry

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Autumn Leaves” September 14, 2020 – Jen Goldie

Haiku #12 – Autumn leaves – Triangle Writes…

The Artist of my Soul – tales told different

Home happy home – Kitty’s Verses

Autumn Sun – Farrago Express

When autumn leaves – anotherkatewilson

Poetry……Autumn Leaves – haroonsblog

Autumn Leaves – sparksfromacombustiblemind

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Autumn Leaves – teleportingweena

Autumn Leaves – 100 Country Trek

Autumn Leaf Farewell – Cozy Quiet Corner

Autumn Leaves – Artie & Stu

MMA Storytime – Raising the Bar

Time For Turning – MK Lee’s Telling Tales

Autumnal tones and winter. – Joseph Mason

Autumn leaves – My Random Rambling

Golden russets – Eugi’s weekly prompt – freshdaisiesdotme

“Autumn Leaves” – Read, Learn, Live

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Autumn Leaves” September 14, 2020 – Sharing Thoughts

Autumn Leaves – The_tenth_zodiac

Fire in those Autumn Leaves – Robert’s Snap Spot


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18 replies


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  2. Oh I love this: “leaves await their cue”–WOW!

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  3. Thanks for the mention Eugenia

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  4. One of my favourite things about taking part in this challenge is to save reading through all the prompt fills until you post this round up, and then to just sit here and indulge in reading lovely words for a while. Thank you so much for doing this, and thank you to everyone who takes part!

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  5. We have autumn leaves here. Not many, but some. The temperature is pleasant too. I’m so happy.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. ♥

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  6. Very evocative poem on the new season

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  7. I loved this- fall is my favourite season and seeing the leaves fall is one of my favourite things.

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  8. Thank you, Pooja! Fall is my favorite time of the year, as well and this morning we had a lovely 53 degrees F. 🍂 🍁

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