“Cosmos” prompt participants – No Note Nonsense

In response to Eugi’s Weekly Prompt –Cosmos – September 21, 2020

No Note Nonsense

Haiku Cosmisque


image source –PicMonkey generated https://www.lovethispic.com/image/162990/colorful-fantasy-art

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  1. universe
    and polar
    how x to y
    bold to shy!

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  2. Time to say ‘Goodbye’?
    This afternoon I suddenly discovered that my access to the ‘Old Classic Editor’ was no longer open
    to me! WP assured us that we would always be able to access The Old Classic through the back door
    (WP/Admin) but suddenly it was not! Every time I tried to publish a new post, I was shunted into the New Block Editor!
    I really do hope this is about a programming error, but I fear it is not?! The only way I could get a message through was by editing some new text into an old post (upgrade) to let you all know, but – I’m withholding my ‘premium upgrade’ and told them I want my access re-opened inside Oct. 18th.
    If not, I’m sorry to say – it’s GoodBye to all!

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