“Mystical” prompt participants – MK Lee’s Telling Tales; Artie & Stu; anotherkatewilson; the wide blue yonder; No Note Nonsense

In response to Eugi’s Weekly Prompt –Mystical– October 5, 2020

MK Lee’s Telling Tales


Artie & Stu



Invoking the priestess… 

 the wide blue yonder

parched air 

No Note Nonsense



image source –Lunapic generated https://www.lovethispic.com/image/41768/mystical-moon

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  1. I forgot to say thank you for the link you sent me. Not that it helped me understand the Block Editor in any way, but I understood suddenly that they have withheld information that they have had foir a looong time?!
    At that their promises of access through WP/Admin into the Classic Editor at the best could be seen as
    ‘fake news’! The new slogan of our modern times!

    Most likely I’ll be taking the role of a janitor at my blog for some time to come? Keeping it as clean of SPAMMERS as I possibly can. And I might even respond with a comment or two here and there, but – I will not pay ‘premium’ for a blog where I cannot share my pictures! And if I don’t it is likely that even my future comments might be rejected. So be it! But it was not my plan, nor what I wanted to do!

    I followed your link, read the explanations, looked at the forms and tried clicking my way into the
    Block Editor, but – to be honest – I didn’t understand any of it, nor did I get anywhere:

    I’m short on time! My ‘Premium’ renewal is coming up in a week and I have no intention to pay for a renewal when I cannot upload new pictures! As easy as that! (So I’ll be terminating my credit card tomorrow!)

    You have got my address aand know where to find me. Good bye for now!

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    • I can’t blame you for the way you feel. Many bloggers are unhappy with the new editor. I tried to go back to the classic editor using their instructions and to me, it seemed too much like the new editor. Maybe, I was doing something wrong. I wouldn’t pay for the renewal either if you can use it. I am saddened to see you give up because I enjoy your photography immensely! Keep in touch – you have my email address!


      • Well, Eugenia, at least I got an answer from ‘The happy engineers’ 🙂 and thay had just made a change (without telling anyone about it!)
        ‘The Old Classic’ is still there! (But the door iside’ looks a bit different! I don’t know if all the content is still intact, but I’ll give it a go. Maybe I’ll hang in there for a while yet . . .
        But my patience with these changes are getting unspeakably thin!
        (New post published today – Looks norma l- yet!)

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  2. Awww, that is so beautiful and mystical!

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