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Good News! 🤩

My poem, A Fine Autumn Day has been selected for inclusion in PoetrySoup’s first anthology.

A Fine Autumn Day

This is PoetrySoup’s first attempt at publishing the works of its great member poets and I am thrilled they are featuring my poetry. PoetrySoup has almost 40,000 members, but only about 1% were chosen for inclusion. I feel this is a great achievement since over 1000 poets submitted works but only a fraction of that was accepted.

The book contains two tables of contents (TOC). One TOC by poem title and another by author name. The TOCs are at the back of the anthology. 

There are many talented poets on PoetrySoup so it’s worth your time to take a gander plus the site offers a wealth of information such as: Dictionary, Syllable counter, Grammar checker, Famous Poems, Famous Poets, Quotes, and more.

Poetry Soup

The book can be purchased on Amazon – (USA) (UK) (Canada)


featured image – via PoetrySoup

A blendship

Image credit; Cheryl Holt @ Pixabay

piercing words colder than ice

they make one quiver.

with each passing day, obstinate bullies

unwilling to bestow kindness.

their spill of ugly words in print

their insipid garble of murky drama.

like a beacon from a lighthouse

beamed to the sky for all to see.

the bitterness in their souls

make one crumble and surrender,

our children the most vulnerable.

healthy friendships a crucial step

to develop emotionally and morally

to show compassion for others

to deter against bullying.

there is the awakening need

for friends at any age in life.

“Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow
Don’t walk behind me… I may not lead
Walk beside me… just be my friend” – Albert Camus

What do you see # 58- 30th November 2020

Your Daily Word Prompt – Crucial – November 30, 2020

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #217

ice, spill, bestow, obstinate, crumble, lighthouse, murky, garble, drama, print, quiver, surrender


featured image/prompt image – Image credit; Cheryl Holt @ Pixabay

Reblog From – See Norway See Norge Blog – New Day Breaking – posted by See Norway Nov. 27, 2020.

Nå på senhøsten er det av og til vanskelig å se om et bilde er fra en soloppgang eller solnedgang fordi punktet på horisonten nesten sammenfaller, – litt avhengig av tidspunkt!
Dette er altså en litt ‘sen soloppgang’ fordi et tett skylag forsinket solens første stråler.

Now in late autumn, it may sometimes be difficult to see if a picture is from a sunrise or sunset because the point on the horizon almost coincides, – a bit depending on the time!
This is a sunrise, but due to solid cloud ceiling – a few hours later than usual!

Original post – New Day Breaking

image source – See Norway

Narrative – See Norway