Month: November 2020

Good News! 🤩

My poem, A Fine Autumn Day has been selected for inclusion in PoetrySoup’s first anthology. A Fine Autumn Day This is PoetrySoup’s first attempt at publishing the works of its great member poets and I am thrilled they are featuring my poetry. PoetrySoup… Read More ›

A blendship

piercing words colder than ice they make one quiver. with each passing day, obstinate bullies unwilling to bestow kindness. their spill of ugly words in print their insipid garble of murky drama. like a beacon from a lighthouse beamed to… Read More ›

And the beat goes on

once upon a time leaving on a jet plane rocking on the railroad driving in the fast lane walking on the wild side we are family everybody get up and sing ch-ch-changes those were the days my friend we thought… Read More ›

Happy Birthday, Sadje! 💖

embrace life joyous eternal candle glows bright encore dear Sadje What do you see # 57 November 23, 2020 Word of the Day Challenge – Candle -Eugenia Image credit: Angéle Kamp @ Unsplash