On a clear night

divulge the reasons

omens scattered all about

daunting nervousness

count myself lucky

whispers flee from falling stars

nightmares self-contained

Word of the Day Challenge – Count

Your Daily Word Prompt – Divulge – November 7, 2020


image source – Image Lunapic generated – original source – https://www.lovethispic.com/image/232717/glittery-moonlight-night

30 responses to “On a clear night

  1. Nice. I love the GIF also. 🙂

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  2. Cool prompt, love this response😊


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  3. Good one.

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  4. A wondrous Finale Eugenia
    “whispers flee from falling stars
    nightmares self-contained”

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  5. Really wonderful. Love the contrast of these two lines: “omens scattered all about”; “nightmares self-contained”. That does seem to be the way it mostly works. Not many times that we share collective nightmares (mostly it is an individual encounter).

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  6. wet and cold
    bold to go
    but you know
    i would not miss
    it for any reason
    or season

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  7. Sometimes I feel this way – “omens scattered all about” – it is unnerving.

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  8. Very evocatively versed…

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  9. Nice lines and the GIF👍🏻

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  10. The picture drew me in. Your words moved me more. I like the magical mystery feel…

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  11. Wonderfully done Eugenia, the animated gif is remarkably mesmerising!!

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