Nature vs. News

nature is earnest

flora and fauna don’t judge

seasons gift rewards

the news disappoints

morphing of useless babble

days pass slower and slower


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β€œSometimes, the most meaningful messages are shared through the fewest words.” - Julie B. Campbell
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  1. So beautifully said.

  2. Beautiful. πŸ˜‡

  3. There is no comparison between the too. Nature always lifts us up, while news is mostly depressing.

  4. well said … love that pic!

  5. Yes – well done. (the mute button is the most pressed on our TV remote – that and the off button – πŸ™‚)

  6. Why thank you for the direct link! Exiting to see what that might bring in! πŸ™‚

  7. I am very lucky to have a wild garden with plenty of trees, shrubs and wildlife – I’ve been watching two cock pheasants strutting around under the willow tree this morning – which has got me through the first and now the second lockdown. But i’m surprised that, despite disappointing news and useless babble, the days are flying by. Maybe it’s my age!

    • You are lucky because nature is the best entertainment. We have a lovely view from our balcony, as well, and enjoy being able to get some fresh air while sipping our coffee.

      I feel this year has flown by but this constant hoopla about the election makes the days seem to drag. I’m trying my best to ignore it but it’s difficult.

  8. Nature energises while news depresses us. Lovely write Eugenia!

  9. daily shower
    of a season
    and showing off too.

  10. The only thing I’d disagree with there is about the passing of time. To me, it seems to gallop.

  11. Thank God there is so much truth in nature: beautiful write, Eugenia! 🌺

  12. Delightfully evoked and illustrated 😊

  13. Hi Eugenia: Thanks for following my blog. I am amazed how exceptionally your blog has evolved since I began reading it.

    • Most welcome and thank you. The funny thing is I thought I was always following your blog – WordPress gremlins at work? I feel my blog has come a long way since its beginning and yours
      has too, my friend.

  14. It’s great to have some nature close by… we need it to live with the news.

  15. The news is full of useless babble, but nature never disappoints!

  16. Man Eugenia, how sadly true. Powerfully succinct.

  17. days pass slower and slower… these pandemic days of near isolation. And yet, somehow the end of the day comes and we know we will wake up to another, in the limited space in which we feel safe.

  18. The news is not worth the time it takes to watch. Nature , however…

  19. food for thought

  20. Eugenia, so true. Thankfully, the hurricane season is coming to a close. Nature is a great source of inspiration and solace most of the time. News is often depressing! Lovely poem! <3 Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thank you, Cheryl! I remember hurricane season well and I am glad this one is coming to an end for you. Does it seem the season gets longer every year? Anyway, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay safe. πŸ₯°

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