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careful where you look and

careful what you wish for

one can easily stray out of

their window of tolerance.

with an arched eyebrow,

believers in the Fae, know

all are not honeyed mannered

beings much like the human race.

there’s the existence of

churlish behavior that campaigns

masterminded plots that feel

like bait and switch tactics.

there is the option to go

where your spirit takes you, yet

discern the good from the bad.

what will it be? a sunny

marmalade day or the gelid

dread of winter darkness.

Fae Corps PAD Challenge #15

The Fae are ruled by a pair of courts. The Winter Court (the Unseelie) and the Summer Court (the Seelie). Which court would one like to be a part of and why?

Here is the link with an explanation of the Faerie Courts – https://faeriepedia.weebly.com/the-faerie-courts.html

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