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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Wolf Moon – January 28, 2021

Your Weekly Prompt  Wolf Moon January 28, 2021

howling at night fall

moonbeams over the lea

full wolf moon prevails

The sunset embers smolder low,
The Moon climbs o’er the hill, 
The peaks have caught the alpenglow,
The robin’s song is still.

–John L. Stoddard (1850–1931)

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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Dawning – Roundup

unseen horizons

the somewheres within my sight

dawning of ages

This is last week’s roundup – Dawning– January 21, 2021

What a lovely turnout for my return to posting weekly prompts! A sincere thank you to all that participated. 🥰

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Dawning light shatters my sleep,

Forgetting the dreams, I wanted to keep.

My slumber was happy, with no end insight,

But then came the dawning, ending my night! – poem written by Donna-Luisa


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Wordless Wednesday #6

snowy scene during golden hour

Linking up with Sandee at Comedy Plus Wordless Wednesday


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