get on with answers

let wisdom enliven fate

balance renewal

Your Daily Word Prompt – Enliven – January 2, 2021

Word of the Day Challenge – Renewal

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Sunday Writing Prompt – Getting On with It – January 3rd


image source – personal property

26 responses to “Onward

  1. You you superbly combined the prompts Eugenia

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  2. wow, that’s amazing.

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  3. Purrfect haiku for the New Year, Eugenia…and picture too😸Pawkisses for a Happy New Year. Let’s make it a better one🐾😽💞

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  4. renew
    between you and i
    that is why
    we start all over again
    a literal reset

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  5. An excellent poem and wonderful picture ❤❤

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  6. Talent is your middle name! The perfect combination of prompts.

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  7. Lovely Eugenia. I did like the thought behind your second line.

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  8. This is definitely a time for wisdom and renewal! Well done!

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  9. Eugenia,

    I always look for a balance renewal at the start of the new year. After this week I’m beginning to wonder if that’s possible. It’s been a wild one. I have to let my faith be my anchor and continue to trust in the Almighty. Nicely done. 🙂 Oh yeah, Happy New Year, darlin’!!

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  10. Very nice. The balance between wisdom and fate: that’s something to think about! Loving the first line.

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  11. Deeply contemplative

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  12. Oh I missed your posts

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