Wordless Wednesday #3

Linking up with Sandee at Comedy Plus Wordless Wednesday


image source – Pexels

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“Sometimes, the most meaningful messages are shared through the fewest words.” - Julie B. Campbell
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  1. This one is a real hoot. 😀

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  3. I like how the light only captured part of the figure with the yellow eyes.

  4. Beautiful owl. You know how I love birds.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday, Eugenia. ♥

  5. Memories of Eric and Flynn

    That is a beautiful photo. The owl looks very intense.

  6. The expression on owl’s face says it all: “Well…now what are you wise people going to do??”

  7. Ahhh that eyes..😀

  8. That’s a cool lookin’ owl photo! I’m sorry for not hoping by earlier in the week. I really meant to but my brain feel rather scattered. I think it’s the holiday fog bran syndrome. 😀 Hopefully, I’ll be better next week.

  9. That is a great owl pic! I would love to get a pic of an owl around here!😀😺📷🦉

    • Thank you, Steve! When we lived in Florida, we would see owls once in a while but I haven’t seen one since we moved to Georgia. Hopefully, an owl will come your way. They are so cool.

      • There is a pair of barred owls here, I have heard them but not seen them yet. Hopefully one day and during the day. Yes, they are amazingly cool birds.

  10. Wow the click is perfect.
    Happy and Healthy New Year!

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