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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt -Winter – Roundup

winter doldrums fade

nature needs a new wardrobe

trendsetting ahead

Roundup for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Winter – February 4, 2021

A sincere thank you to all that participated!

I have a new email system and a new theme so if I missed anyone, please let me know!

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nd 2.4 Hidden Desires? 5 p – Jules Pens Some Gems…

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Geese – ….Bilocalalia….

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Lakeside Miracles” Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Winter – February 4, 2021

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 L’hiver – Life and Times of a Quirky Character


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Wordless Wednesday #8

Sharing photo posted February 6, 2021 by See Norway – Keep Shooting…! and folks, this post is #2000 for our friends at See Norway!

For more beautiful photos go to the See Norway site and check out the Index.*

*As the number of photo reports increase, there may be a need for an easy to understand INDEX in order to find the places you are looking for. Here we have tried to make a table where all the photo reports are registered under their respective counties, the number of pictures included in each post, and the authors ID.
The ‘active link‘ itself is located under ‘GOTO‘ at your far left on each line. – See Norway

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