Eugi’s Weekly Prompt -Romance 🌹-Roundup

secrets kept in trees

love’s embrace bathing in light


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22 thoughts on “Eugi’s Weekly Prompt -Romance 🌹-Roundup

  1. romance is all for some
    the dance of two
    til death due them part
    for freaks such as i
    no dice
    not nice
    but that s reality and life andrew cuomo breath.

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  2. Eugi,

    Your verse reminds me of lovers hugging in moonlight after reading poetry by candle or torch (flash-)light!
    While I’m just starting to use an E-reader – I really prefer real books!!

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      1. My e-reader has small print. There must be a way to enlarge it… It didn’t come with instructions so I’m learning by the seat of my pants!

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      2. I have a Kindle which I can adjust the size of the print. I can usually find answers to something I don’t know on the internet. I’ve even used Amazon to find out information if the item is listed.

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