Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Jewels – Roundup

precious relics

emerge with passion

fishing expedition

Roundup – Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Jewels – February 25, 2021

A sincere thank you to all that participated!

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25 responses to “Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Jewels – Roundup

  1. Yuck! I missed it! Would you please tell me what day the prompt publishes?

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  2. This was quite beautiful and inspiring prompt. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to the next. When you say, let it lead wherever, I literally do that, and allow the words to go where they want to. There is a stirring beneath the surface to always respond poetically in rhyme or prose. You are an inspiration. Thank you Eugenia.

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Donna-Luisa! ❤️ Wait until you see the prompt for tomorrow. I think you’ll love it! 💙

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      • I hold you in my heart
        And if it is ever possible
        Wish to meet you face to face
        Because you have given me light
        When I needed it
        Inspiration, never knew was available
        And friendship even in absence.
        Truly, you are beautiful


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      • Awww, thank you Donna-Luisa for your beautiful comment. You made my day sing a happy song. And, the feeling is mutual, my friend. 🌻 🌞💛

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  3. Thanks, Eugenia!

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  4. Great response Eugenia! Thanks for the mention

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  5. Thanks for the mention–your prompts are always the best!

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  6. Eugi, Your piece very much reminds me of an archeological expedition. About ten years (or more) ago – when an old house was being moved to a safe location the public was invited to help with a ‘dig’. I found a small glass bead – but that could have been from any time period. There is one old building on the property that was supposed to hold some of the things that were found. But I’ve never been able to time a visit right. As they have limited hours. And now of course not much is open. 😀

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    • How fascinating to be able to help with the dig! I bet there are some unique relics hiding on that property.

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      • The building one of the oldest in the area was supposed to remain on the property and become a museum. But the person in charge wasn’t able to make that happen. However another farm took the existing building and added it to their home. So it isn’t public, but it was preserved.

        We were allowed to go into the building and it was interesting because in the two upper rooms there were these little doors on either side of the chimney structure. I only have guesses to what they were for… maybe to help keep the bricks clean? Chase away unwanted animals. That was a time when the walls were hollow to allow the heat to radiate from the chimney so all manner of things might be hiding in the walls especially in winter. A good place to hid other stuff too. 😉

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  7. Beautiful words and picture

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