Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Extraordinary – Roundup


transforming whispers

into echoes

“People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” —Edmund Hillary

Roundup – Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Extraordinary– March 11, 2021

A sincere thank you to all that participated!

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17 responses to “Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Extraordinary – Roundup

  1. Thanks, Eugenia!

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  2. Thanks for the mention Eugenia. Great turnout 💝

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  3. Thank you. 🙂

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  4. the hood is goin down
    the smile is a frown
    gone is the small
    neil young s wrecking ball
    but that aint
    what he was talkin bout
    a busted love affair
    she took out her wreckin ball bebbee!

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  5. Whispers to echoes… lovely. With a closer look – the illustration looks like counted stitchery – very extraordinary!

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  6. Thanks always for your super prompts…and kind mentions 🙂 Blessings to you💖

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