Archive Sunday – Take Caution

beware inimical untruths tastily sweet

cameo dramas that result in a dead heat

stories with meaning that take a back seat

wisdom the judgment for a dutch treat

the bargain of balance doesn’t miss a beat

beware creative energy without a heartbeat


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  1. I liked the poem especially the last line.

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  2. You’ve hit at the heart of the problem; creating without heart.

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  3. Yes, Eugenia! You’ve touched on avoiding the shallow, the detriment of it. Well done!

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  4. I love that, very well put!

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  5. Love the final line especially–YES.

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  6. Love these lines Eugenia. On point🙂

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  7. Hey Eugenia 🙂

    Wishing you a truly beautiful day ahead and some music for you today with The Animals and your fave group Led Zeppelin 🙂

    Universal Greetings

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  8. A beautiful poem in monorhyme. Loved it.

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  9. Eugenia, you are quite good…love it.

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  10. This is so true about creating (at least for me): “beware creative energy without a heartbeat”. I love this idea.

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  11. Your line about ‘Dutch Treat’ is very important. Especially for teens and spreading Hepatitis. We do not need to fear everything, but caution is always a good thing to have.

    I wonder though how long it will take before we can safely hug or shake hands…

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