Featuring – CROSSROADS (Winds of love): Poetry and Prose by Jude Itakali

Congratulations to our fellow blogger, Jude Itakali on his new book to be published/released on 17th May 2021.

CROSSROADS (Winds of love) is now available for a pre-order discount price in both ebook and paperback versions. It will be released officially on 17th May at which time, Amazon will dispatch deliveries to the owners.

Preorder link-

CROSSROADS (Winds of love) on Amazon

Here’s a sneak peek at the back cover summary;

In the corridors of love,
At the crossroads of loneliness,

We stand at our most vulnerable.
As the winds of love swirl, we are often ill-prepared for the portends and promises they carry;
The longing, fear, and deception.
The intimacy, and the horrors of heartbreak.
But also the hope, renewal and strength from the trials we have survived.

May these Poems, Prose, and Short Stories touch each in their own particular way,
And bring us all perspective, compassion, hope and ultimately;

CROSSROADS (Winds of love)


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  1. beautiful poetry and congrats to Jude!👏👏

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  2. Thank you so so much Eugi. Gigantic love from me. ❤️

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