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our words one can compress

but our focus as wordsmiths

is to let creativity take charge

each and every conversation

becomes a writer’s permit to

master their authorship

choreographed words bestir

and challenge mind-numbing

beware of what you share

pursuits of passion my pen

not to be silently suppressed


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  1. This is so right. The writer uses everything they can.

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  2. Well-said, Eugenia!!!

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  3. Amen and wonderfully composed! 🙂 ❤

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  4. When we write, we should bear in mind the old axiom, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Beautiful poem about the power of the creative process. ❤ All the best, Eugenia!

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  5. We write to create ‘a’ history, fiction or reality.
    The muse (some credit) will infuse
    varied imagination to the generations…
    Our pens are much mightier than any sword!


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  6. Very beautifully evoked ❤

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  7. Amazing, so beautiful – you are an incredibly talented author. Thanks so much for your kind words on our tribute post for our Pip.

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