Archive Sunday – Paths to Paradise

hallways of the mind

defining moments in books

and secret nooks

stairways of the mind

a mind-boggling maze

clouded in a heavy haze

tunnels of the mind

darkness at the bend

light at the end?

paths of the mind

thoughts in need

where will they lead

paradise lost

paradise found


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  1. What a vivid picture your words drew in front of my eyes.

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  2. A very nice one to start my day off with🙂. Thank you Eugi🙂


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  3. The mind can be a complicated place – I like how you’ve delineated the different layers.

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  4. Eugi, Love your use of imagery here to capture a downcast, melancholy, restless mood: particularly, “stairways of the mind,” and “thought in need.” The meter and rhymes just lead you around the corners so nimbly. Very nicely done. 🌹


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  5. The mind can become a dangerous rabbit hole! Well said, Eugenia. 🙂

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  6. Well done.

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  7. Wonderful imagery in your words.

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  8. It is amazing how we can be transported by our imagination as we read and become engrossed in a story! Well done!

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