Eugi’s Causerie Weekly Prompt – Mingle – May 27, 2021

ideas emerging

mingled worlds discover all

art flows remembered

Your Weekly Prompt Mingle – May 27, 2021.

Go where the prompt leads you and publish a post on your own blog that responds to the prompt.

It can be any variation of the prompt and/or image. 

Please keep it family friendly. This needs to be a safe and fun space for all.

Prompts close 7 days from the close of my post.

Link your blog to mine with a pingback. To do a pingback: Copy the URL (the HTTPS:// address of my post) and paste it into your post. You may also place a copy of the URL of your post in the comments of the current week’s prompt.

Responses posted prior to the next Thursday prompt release can be included in the Roundup.

Let’s be creative and have fun!


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  1. Hi Ma’am,
    Thank you for the challenge. Here’s my take :-
    Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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  4. Here is mine Eugenia. Hope all here visit and read:

    Thanks 😊

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  8. Hi, Eugi. I’m trying to catch up. Fortunately (for me), I don’t have a beach walk for this theme.

    • Understood, Frank. The image is a mishmash of shapes and colors. Perhaps, my next prompt will be more to your liking.

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  10. Did not mingle for more than a few weeks,
    Sorry I was missing
    Had to work on me.
    Got halfway through a challenge
    and more fit than before
    Just had to drop by
    So you won’t miss me anymore 🙂
    Mingle was the last word
    but it means everything as I write
    So I’m crashing this party
    grabbing onto the invite!

    Hahaha.. My dear Eugenia and fellow poets, I’m here… will have a lot of reading to do, but gonna try to keep up!
    Keep safe and God Bless you All 🙂

    • You have been busy, Donna-Luisa! I read about your fitness program in your blog, which you should be proud! I’m delighted you stopped by. 😊

      • Yes, its been harder than I thought to do everything, but i will figure out how to redo my schedule, now accostomed to changes.

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