32 thoughts on “Archive Sunday – Double rainbow

  1. Eugi,
    How beautiful! We visited Helen, Georgia about fifteen years ago. It doesn’t look like it’s changed much since. 😀

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    1. Thank you, Dora! The town has been spruced up since your visit. It went through a low period for a while. I know many businesses have reopened since the lockdowns and we are looking forward to going back there soon.

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  2. What a lovely gift. I once saw a double complete half arc over our small local airport! I’ve taken quite a few photos of rainbows in my neighborhood over the years 😀 And some from places I got to visit too!

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  3. Eugenia,

    Oh cool, a double bow! We’ve seen a few of those over the years. It almost seems I captured one but it didn’t turn out quite as nice as yours. I need to look for it in my archives. 🙂 Nice verse!

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