Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Petals – July 29, 2021


tree tokens

fine art

Your Weekly Prompt Petals – July 29, 2021

The soul has words as petals” – Edmond Jabes

Go where the prompt leads you and publish a post on your own blog that responds to the prompt.

It can be any variation of the prompt and/or image. 

Please keep it family friendly. This needs to be a safe and fun space for all.

Link your blog to mine with a pingback. To do a pingback: Copy the URL (the HTTPS:// address of my post) and paste it into your post. You may also place a copy of the URL of your post in the comments of the current week’s prompt.

Responses posted prior to the next Thursday prompt release can be included in the Roundup. Prompts close 7 days from the close of my post.

Let’s be creative and have fun!


Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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  13. Hi Eugenia, please see my poem below.Have a great week.

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  16. Eugenia,

    Petals are like fine artwork. It’s amazing to study the intricate hues and shadows detailing each flower which I find simply captivating! Nice poetic verse!!

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  20. The finest art, yes!

    Here is my contribution, sort of a chant, or perhaps somewhat hymnal:

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  23. chellebee53

    I just discovered your blog today, and even though it’s too late for the roundup,
    I’d like to share what I have written.

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