My cat

Callie – adopted Feb. 14, 2020

My cat sits on the window sill

My cat sits on the window sill

Watching the birds and bees fly by

They flit and flutter in the sky

Her antics more than meet the eye

Watching the birds and bees fly by

My cat she lets out such a sigh

My cat she lets out such a sigh

Watching twinkling stars as they dance

Her wide golden eyes in a trance

Hoping to see a ghost perchance

Watching twinkling stars as they dance

My cat naps on warm summer days

My cat naps on warm summer days

Sun puddles sing their lullabies

She dreams of birds and bees that fly

Sun puddles sing their lullabies

Sun puddles sing their lullabies

Paul at Paul’s Poetry Playground invented a new poetry form the Singsangsong. Please check out Paul’s blog for details on how to write the Singsangsong form! It’s fun! Try it!


image source – my own

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“Sometimes, the most meaningful messages are shared through the fewest words.” - Julie B. Campbell
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  1. Lovely poem and cute kitty!

  2. Wow! Such a wonderful job on your singsangsong, Eugi! Thank you so much for writing one and spreading the word about this poetry form!

  3. Truly fun!!😄

  4. Beautifully done. You know cats very well.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  5. Beautiful kitty and I love the poetry!

  6. She’s such a cutie pie baby! Your poem was fun to read! 🙂 <3

  7. Nope, Not Pam

    Great tempo, but I’ll concede my cat sleeps all day every day 🙁

  8. Pretty kitty!

    • Thank you! Our little diva! Because of her coloring, she blends in with our furniture and sometimes we can’t find her. 😂

  9. What a furry kewl poe-em Miss Eugenia….
    Wunder if LadyMew cuud due a poe-em like that? 😉
    purrss BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

  10. Animals can sure amuse us! I like to tease that when I’m over at an in-laws and we are playing cards that I need to not pet one of the cats… seems like she brings me bad luck! 😉

    And today I was visiting a Little Free Library and first heard a shrill whistle… then I saw the hawk. I’ve always seen them flying around but this is the first time I heard that whistle.

    Cheers, ~Jules

  11. Love it, Eugi! I miss having a cat, and a dog, for that matter!

    • Thank you, Crystal! She is a delightful cat! Mischievous and fun! We got her just before the lockdowns and glad we did. Pure entertainment.

  12. It’s a fun read too. Love it’s rhythm.

  13. Beautiful post and very visual. Kind thoughts to you.

  14. Love love love ❤❤ Kitties bring magic, fascination and love to a home 🥰

  15. Beautiful cat! Lovely post, Eugenia. <3

  16. Gorgeous 😊

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  18. Lovely! Hope your kitty catches the rhythm, and knows she is famous now 🙂

  19. Beautiful

  20. Read mine too

  21. This is amazingly.🤩
    Such a brilliant cate😺 you have.

  22. Ha, Ha… at first glance this looked like an artistic eyeball, till I noticed the 2 eyeballs looking back at me. Such a great photo. The poem too🙂


  23. Very nicely done! I love the kitty cat!

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