Archive Sunday – Coming of the Dawn

My poem – “Coming of the Dawn” published on “Brave & Reckless” in response to the Moon Ate the Dark challenge – Feb. 26, 2020.

ebbing of twilight
ebony sky no ivory
wandering omens
silhouettes on the shade
yes, I saw your face
star-crossed lovers
hush the sad, sad song
life’s a slippery slope
my imaginary friend

ah, not the last dance
lives left better to chance
good morning starshine
the moon ate the darkness
all the world is a stage
behold, let the sunshine in
such a lovely place, let it be
let it be from me to you
I’ll follow the sun
born to be alive


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26 thoughts on “Archive Sunday – Coming of the Dawn

  1. Unimaginable! The photographer must be a creative person.

    And your words express this photo in the best possible manner. Such deep thoughts, breaking the limit of words, carrying imagery. Brilliant work, Eugi.

    Thank you.😊👍

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