Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Midnight – August 19, 2021

I enjoy daily, weekly, and monthly prompts for sparking creativity among those of us that love to express ourselves. In fact, I participate in many of them myself. With that said, manning a weekly prompt takes dedication and time, which I have the dedication to but not the time.

Because I enjoy posting them, I am putting a new spin on my weekly prompts and that is they will be mostly unmoderated. I will be lurking around every now and then to enjoy your work as you do mine. Have fun and take care.

do we dare to share

extraneous ideas

only at midnight

How beautiful the silent hour, when morning and evening thus sit together, hand in hand, beneath the starless sky of midnight! – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Your Weekly Prompt – Midnight – August 19, 2021

This prompt will be mostly unmoderated.

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This needs to be a safe and fun space for all.

There will be no Roundup.

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  1. Midnight. The witching hour. Okay that’s the first thought that formed in my mind.

    Have a fabulous day, Eugenia. ♥

  2. Thanks for hosting ~ totally understand about the time. Gorgeous, inspiring photo!

  3. I understand completely. I do not think roundups are necessary and thank you for your prompt site!💐

  4. Thank you and my pleasure! ❤️

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  7. I love the image👌

  8. Thank you Eugi! I like your haiku 🙂 made me think about when we think 😉

  9. Light in the darkness has a positive impact that is otherwise taken for granted.

  10. Good idea! It takes away the pressure.

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  12. “(No More) Midnite”

    “We danced on the road
    under the stars,
    under the swollen full moon.
    We spoke of Love,
    we said we would never let go……
    It was midnite…..
    And then one nite
    there was no midnite.
    You were gone.
    I’ve never danced again.”

    c Sherri-Ellen Theilheimer-DeJonge 2021

  13. When I am bound to be asleep even though I now am early to bed and early to rise

  14. Lovely prompt and haiku and that’s a great idea, Eugi.

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  17. Midnight… the first of several service calls… (hubby counts down the days to his retirement and a good full night’s sleep).
    Be back with some thing for the illustration later 🙂

    • Your hubby is retiring? My hubby and I are both retired with no regrets. I hope all goes well.

      • We’ve got our insurance switched… Now he’s just counting down the days. I’ve sort of been retired for a while. But this last year and a half hubby has been working from home. Put just a little crimp in my alone time. But I’ll live 😉

      • I understand what you mean by alone time. It takes some adjusting.

      • It was a challenge over winter when he moved his ‘office’ upstairs and into my domain… and even more so when we shared the same table. He has/had calls where he wears a headset, but I can hear his half of the conversation… Good think I like lookin’ at him 😉

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    Lake Michigan Midnight (Shore Lunes)

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  25. Hi Eugenia,
    Please see my little missive attached.

  26. Wonderful poem, Eugi! I kept a notebook and a pen on my bedside table ready to write when I can’t sleep. Yes, lots of inspiration at midnight!

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  30. If a question is implied, then perhaps most definitely probably.

    Contributing an unfinished draft of sorts:

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  32. Read mine too

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  34. Hi Eugi, I can fully understand and appreciate you keep the prompt going. It’s so much fun. Thanks so much and here is mine

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