Archive Sunday – Typos

Words from a keyboard getting mixed reviews

Perhaps, considered a form of abuse

A serious situation we must diffuse

Let’s order up a foolproof resolution

   For the pitiless causes of mind pollution


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"Style means the right word. The rest matters little" - Jules Renard

20 thoughts on “Archive Sunday – Typos

  1. Your poems are always spot on with your photo prompt. Mixed reviews, more importantly the bad ones do cause mind pollution which can poison a person’s confidence if one isn’t strong enough to take it. For those who write, I want to encourage you to do what you love. You can’t make everyone happy and in the end you want to make yourself the happiest, so don’t let anyone bring you down. 😉

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      1. There is a book by Jillian Madison called:
        ; “Damn You AutoCorrect” 😀
        I was looking for another title this morning and came across this one…
        I keep a book of books I’ve read 😉

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