Archive Sunday – Another chance to get it right

Toccoa River – McCaysville, Georgia

years come and years go

the old bridge traverses time

birthing of futures

Posting to my Yesterdays Ink series – original post in response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Week 67


image source – personal property

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30 thoughts on “Archive Sunday – Another chance to get it right

  1. Bridge structures are fascinating. When I was in Kentucky… (One place anyway) you could cross the Ohio river.
    There were outer stair cases of for and five stories (of open steps) high for walkers to get to the walk area on the bridge. One needs not to be afraid of heights to venture up, across, and down!

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    1. I’ve seen some very scary bridges! You know the ones that creak and groan as you cross them. There was a new bridge erected next to this one but I believe this one is still in use. I think the Christmas Wreath is never taken down.

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      1. We’ve got some Covered Bridges in our area. Some are historic. Some better kept than others. We saw a railroad bridge in Kentucky, I think that actually had a section swing out instead of a traditional ‘draw bridge’…


      2. There are some that are ‘covered’ like a tunnel – only the ends are open and they are known as “Kissing Bridges” – since even with an open buggy (for the Amish) one had a few moments of ‘privacy’… 😉

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  2. I reblogged this because it reminded me of this poem I wrote:


    Bridges are a symbol of perseverance
    Bridges may lead to something better
    Opportunity, change
    Bridges span seemingly insurmountable barriers
    Peace, reconciliation, acceptance
    Bridges are often burned
    Because of anger, resentment, spite
    Bridges will always be a connection
    From past
    To future

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