society’s lull before the storm

its languished attempts

table tranquility

the world yawns as

the able bodied

forget their game

confessions flee

the sunken ship

before the wreck

let the truth be known

the storm is destined to pass

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #202

Let’s play around with words a little today. Yeah, we do it everyday, but let this word play be a word game.


One can extract forget, table or able from this word.

I give you three more

  1. Languish
  2. Shipwreck
  3. Customer

You can even change the order of alphabets  (like ‘peck’ from shipwreck, or ‘route’ from customer).


Image by jplenio from Pixabay

About Eugenia

“Sometimes, the most meaningful messages are shared through the fewest words.” - Julie B. Campbell
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  1. Beautiful.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Eugenia. ♥

  2. Oh… that’s fun taking words from words!
    Well done.

  3. Well done Eugenia.

  4. Clever and thoughtful, Eugi. Enjoyed this!

  5. Reblogged this on Reena Saxena and commented:

    Perspectives Eugenia

  6. Nope, Not Pam

    There’s always spectacular imagery in your poems. 🙂

  7. A thought, meaningful poem that reads well. The shape of the poem is visually appealing, too. <3 All the best, Eugenia!

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  9. I keep having to reread it to discover the layers of meaning within it. A lovely composition that steers my thoughts in many directions. Well done, Eugenia!

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