echoing silence

holding breath in depths unknown

glowing truth adrift

What do you see # 114 – December 27, 2021


Image credit; Being. the. traveler@ Pexels

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“Sometimes, the most meaningful messages are shared through the fewest words.” - Julie B. Campbell
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  1. Hmm… nice.

  2. Oh so beautiful. Glowing truth adrift! Thanks for joining in Eugi.

  3. I agree with Sadje! “Glowing truth adrift” is a wonderful line! All the best, Eugi! <3

  4. Beautiful words that whisper to me! Wonderful.

  5. Beautiful words indeed.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. 🙂

  6. Beautiful…🧡

  7. Light will lead us the right way. Lovely, Eugenia!

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