Wordless Wednesday – February 16, 2022

Helen, Ga

Helen is a city in White County, Georgia, United States, located along the Chattahoochee River. The population was 531 at the 2020 census.

The Alpine town of Helen takes its inspiration from the villages of Germany, complete with the building style of downtown shops and restaurants. But it’s also in the heart of Northeast Georgia, offering travelers outdoor sports like tubing and hiking, along with wine tasting at the many vineyards nearby.

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ref: https://www.exploregeorgia.org/article/guide-to-helen

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  1. A place I’d love to visit. It’s beautiful.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  2. Now there’s an image of something I wouldn’t have expected in Georgia. Happy Wednesday, Eugi.

  3. Wow, I had no idea that place existed, lovely!

    • We frequently visit Helen and love it. A very unique little mountain town with lots of sites to see and great places to eat.

  4. It sounds like a lovely place to visit, Eugi! <3

    • It is a great place, Cheryl! We used to visit Helen when we lived in Florida. Now, we are only an hour away! ❤️

  5. At first glance l thought this was an animation, l see it’s an actual photo

  6. It looks a pretty place to visit.

  7. Tha looks like a great place, Eugenia😺Pawkisses for a Happy Day🐾😽💞

  8. We like Helen, Georgia! It’s such a pretty little town anytime but at Christmas is beautiful!!

  9. We haven’t been there in years. You know the story behind it, right?

  10. Good for a town to reinvent itself for those living there. I watch a renovation show that helped a small town that was split by a river revamp and become better for those living there as well as a destionation place (near but not Laurel, MI.) 😀

  11. Have you tweaked the colours again l like these and they do look marginally darker over the lighter variation of earlier. Sea blue teal and beige taupe look good.

    • Yes, and I have changed them again. The issue is I can’t read the comments, which is important. Plus because I use a different with every post, some color backgrounds are not flattering to the image.

      • Do you know what Eugenia, l feel your pain in this hunt for precision!! I am in the same boat at times!

        I had to change a lot of draft posts this afternoon because WP changed suddenly the way some quote options are presented in the block editor and as you know, l use a few varieties of quote formats and now because the style l was using no longer exists l have spent the entire afternoon changing the format.

      • I subscribe to WP’s news sites and I just read about WP’s change in the quote formats. I don’t think they realized how those changes affect our blogs. Way back when the new editor was introduced, I opted in. Then I decided to audit on my posts to see how they looked. Many of them had errored beyond being fixed. I trashed them and repurposed at a later time. I guess it’s something we have to learn to live with.

        I changed my blog to reflect different shades of gray, which I feel is neutral enough to not clash with my images. I changed the font and added the bold feature in order for me to see it clearly. I feel comfortable with it now and it is still a lighter color.

      • Oh well that’s WP at times, they remind me of Blizzard [World of Warcraft] they nerf things [nerf being fix things that aren’t actually broken], WP reminds me of them a lot. I tire of these small tweaks of theirs as it means not a tweak with me, but a major repair job. I wish they would stop altering things just because they can.

        Having just looked at it, l think that is now a very nice colour combi, what are the readers saying about it?

      • Thank you, Rory! My readers don’t say anything about it, except I’ve seen comments on other blogs about the dislike for dark backgrounds.

        Yes, I agree WP does things just because they can but unfortunately, their alterations are not in the best interest of their clients.

  12. Perhaps you need to ask them? It’s a balance and an awkwardness at the same time.

    For example – how many read directly from the Reader [therefore colours not noticed] and how many read directly from the blog [Therefore they can see the shades]. I am oft baffled by those who read from the Reader because they are what l call the majority book readers because they want black and white text and no trimmings as opposed to those who read from the blog direct being magazine readers, as in they like to see texture and colours.

    You know my feelings on the Reader; l think it rapes the blog attractiveness. It is like lousy advertising at times too. Adverts take people away from the content on a blog, so too does the Reader.

    There are then readers who maintain they don’t like dark backgrounds. The bigger question is, why not? We can all say a, b and c, but what exactly is it about the dark experience that is offputting? That’s the information needed.

    My environmental green is a tricky colour because of these issues – for me, it is soothing, for others, perhaps not so. Greens and reds are supposed to be bad for colour blindness … then the balance is making sure that we don’t give up too much of our uniquity to sell our souls to be read.

    Tough game 🙁

    • Rory, you bring up many good points and I appreciate your input. One thing I discovered about my theme, while toying with the colors, I can add borders and change the spacing. It seems some background colors make it look flat, in other words there is no depth and I feel adding borders add interest. You’re so right about giving up our uniquity to please others. I will be tweaking the colors later on today.

      • Well l too have been experimenting with things like border and white blocks. There is a lot to the block editor, and things l shall be looking at especially with regards to the reading areas which may help readers stay on content but not compromise too much of my personality 🙂

      • The blog editor has a lot going for it. I need to take more time with it.

      • Hey 🙂

        When you get a minute have a check of some of the changes l have made to the fixed pages in the navigation. I have just made a LOT of extra work for myself, but l think it is genuinely worth it eugenia, and let me know what you think 🙂

      • I have just finished with the Welcome page and it looks really good 🙂

      • Some of the new palette designs with a darker gold are now present as well 🙂

      • Your Welcome page looks great and I like how you showcase your text in blocks with a different background color. Your color combos are excellent, IMO, and you have make great headway in achieving a professional look. I noticed in your footer area, you have links to your categories, which are very hard to see because of the font color.

        I was having this issue yesterday while working on my blog. The colors I selected for my links were either too bright and harsh or dull and faded, I am working on it again today.

      • Hey Eugenia, l know what you mean regarding the footer links – l was looking at that yesterday when l first started playing around with things.

        It all comes down to either finding the right colour that doesn’t affect the overall look of the effect you are trying to achieve or simply losing parts of the Widget personality style.

        I am currently working on all draft and published posts to get them to carry the same image and then sometime this week l will address the Widget zones.

        Nothing is ever easy in Wp at times.

      • I should imagine Eugenia, that your skills as an underwriter and the need for detailed analysis with regards your project [the blog theme] are greatly appreciated here by you 🙂

      • Thank you, Rory. I returned to a black background and will take it from there. It’s easier for me to start with a base color and then add or subtract colors. I was becoming frustrated and felt my blog looked cluttered so I started over.

      • Again, it’s a hard game and frustrating as fluff when you can’t get things right for the way you want them.

      • Yep, I agree!

  13. Nice! When I first saw the pic, I thought it was Frankenmuth, Michigan, which is a similar German town. 🙂

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