Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Survival – March 8, 2022

though branches fragile

survival of the fittest

proven once again

Your Weekly Prompt –Survival – March 8, 2022

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Image by jplenio from Pixabay

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  2. Thanks for another great prompt and image Eugenia. here is my response to this week’s word prompt ‘Survival’.

    Have a great day everyone.

  3. I think I’ve been living on the Moon for the past few weeks, Eugenia… I seem to have been missing these prompts!
    However, I’m back now with a very short post for this week’s prompt:
    And you’re right… there’s strength in fragility! 🙂

  4. It is not that l do not care,
    … for the entwining of their limbs,
    High in the air,
    Above me, shaped like wings,
    Dancing so carefreely,
    It is simply more subtle than mere wind,
    That’s the beauty of their design.

  5. Great image, apt for showingsurvival of the fittest. Nice one.

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  8. I used this prompt in the creation of a poem for submission to The Temz Review. I’ll drop their link in case anyone is interested in submitting their work as well.

  9. I like the image and your words. Some roots go deep and while seeds can ride the wind to different locations…

    I went in a different direction. Daily Skirmishes

  10. Thank you for this prompt Eugi — what is happening in Ukraine weighs heavily on my mind and heart. Your prompt gave me space to breathe and feel like I was doing something.

  11. Your words fit perfectly to the image, Eugenia! Here’s mine

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  15. So true! Participating after a long time, Eugi.
    Here’s mine.

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