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WordPress Monthly Word Prompt – Bridge

Each month, WordPress.com will be bringing you a single word that serves as a prompt for your writing, your art, your coding — whatever it is that makes you, you. For March, the WordPrompt is: BRIDGE.

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Reena’s Xploration Challenge – PROMPT #221

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“Sometimes, the most meaningful messages are shared through the fewest words.” - Julie B. Campbell
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  1. Lights Above Bridges

    Bridges span our invisible years 
    And carry forgotten fallen tears 
    Crossing over old hidden fears

    Bridges are burnt over time
    Years turn to ashes in an instant
    And time is our only constant  

    Beyond the longest bridges
    Under the ocean’s deepest blue 
    And above nature’s darkest green 
    Love’s evolving hues renew 
    And Aurora lights are on debut

    • 💖 “Bridges are burnt over time
      Years turn to ashes in an instant
      And time is our only constant ”

      Beautifully written words, Ivor.

      • Thank you Eugenia …. and there many more sad bidges for us to cross ..

        Splintered Bridges

        Bridges of ancient dreams spanned
        On the wings of the bridled albatross
        Flying over shallow lakes of delta dross

        Bridges crossing from there to where
        Above the worlds fractured rivers
        Meandering from there to here
        Connecting lonely bridal hands
        Of people from far away lands

        Bridges trekked by torn and splintered feet
        And blooded by bomb blasted streets

      • 🤍 🕊 🤍

  2. Yes, what we think makes a difference!

  3. Eugenia you’ve used the prompts very well.

  4. This a great response to the prompt. Indeed, it is a positive mindset that helps bridge the gaps. Amazing indeed!

  5. I loved your poem, and the poems by ivor20 in response. Great reading!

  6. Perfectly worded

  7. Some of my favorite bridges remain the old covered bridges in my area. Some of the covered bridges were known as ‘Kissing Bridges, because the young Amish couples in their ‘dating’ open buggies could briefly stop under them for a quick smooch 😀
    Most often too they are single lane, so one has to make sure the other side is clear before crossing.

  8. Furabuluss poe-em Miss eugi!
    You did it again!!! 😉
    nose rubss BellaDahrma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

  9. Meowza, BellaDharma and BellaSita! Thanks for the lovely comment! 😻🥰

  10. Truth!

  11. “mindset” So essential for health, happiness, and success! Thanks for the lovely post, Eugi!

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  13. A positive mindset, hope, strength, courage – yes, all needed!

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