identity masked

character references required


What do you see # 126 – March 21st, 2022

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Image credit; John Noonan @ Unsplash

featured image – Image by Annette Meyer from Pixabay

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“Sometimes, the most meaningful messages are shared through the fewest words.” - Julie B. Campbell
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  1. That is perfect…that secrecy is so inconsistent

  2. Hi Eugie,

    Sad morning, ideed! I was about to publis a picture of our youngest family member, but – suddenly there was no ‘New Post’, no ‘selection of editor’ – no nothing! To make sure this was not a periodic fault, I sent a message to WP asking, but unfortunately – no fault! More a ‘goodbye’! And a prompt to study the new Block Editor! Which I did several times over months and months ago. It doesn’t work for me! So – unfortunate as it may be – I have published my last photo at WP!
    Fortunately I have been her for a rather long time, and I have secured a large number of direct e-mails for future communications. It also look like I may still communicate via the comment sections, but – I have published my last picture
    with WP! Goodbye to everyone else that I cannot reach!

    • How sad! 🙁I can’t believe they didn’t help you when it was clearly stated the old editor would not be going away! Please keep in touch. You have my email address.

      • I’m still working with the Classic… I’ve not ‘converted’.
        I got an email from WP about a new addition to the ‘Block’ but it said if you don’t want to change anything don’t do anything.
        I fear though that is not the case with WP Europe. I’ve been told WP Europe had/has… no choice.
        Sad to see good people and good bloggers go.

      • I didn’t know about WP Europe having no choice. My friend in Norway is 85 years old and to share his photography means a lot to him. We keep in contact via email and I’ve tried to help him several times.

        I got the same email and immediately thought about him. Like you say, it’s sad to see good people and good bloggers go.

        I converted when Gutenberg first arrived and learned it step by step, which I feel is easier then to trying to grasp it all at once. Now WP has the FSE (Full Site Editing) and I switched my smaller blog to a FSE theme but I wasn’t pleased so I switched it back. We’re here to write and not build a website.

      • Some folks have that donation button – but I read somewhere that along with that the monitizer- well it isn’t really as profitable as one might think. Similar to a particular profession… the service provider is the overall winner, and the client is lucky to get a very small % or pay through the face part where glasses perch!

        While some might be using ‘blogging’ as a means to promote their business… I think at least 1/2 to even 3/4’s do not. But those who do have buisnesses I guess we should be thankful for because they keep WP going for those who limit to annual fees or keep free sites. But all the changes should be optional. I’m not 85 but as long as I have that alternate route… that’s the way I’ll travel.

        As you say I know I am here to share my writing. Not take classes about SEO building Website Businesses.

      • I had a long relpy that seems to have disapeared… are replies being monitored???
        I’m sending you an email…

      • Apparetly there has been another change and you no longer see that you’ve replied in WP… but my first reply is at your site. Odd that.

      • Earlier today I was commenting to one of my followers (a rather lengthy comment), and it just disappeared. Perhaps, a glitch?

      • It used to register that when you hit send – there was a curved arrow… so you knew it went through. But I don’t comment on the Reader so I don’t know how different that is. With so much ‘code’ there’s some human issues that just don’t always add up 😉

        Might want to write your comments in a doc and then copy and paste – if they are lenghty or really important.

      • Good idea, writing lengthy comments is a doc. I’ve never experienced comments do the disappearing act.

      • I think that happened, well I can’t say the first time but perhaps another time ‘They’ did a major change. I had folks from other areas – regular commentators end up in spam.

      • Apparently the ‘you’ve sent a reply arrow’ is gone… bummer. I just sent that last reply (in my dashboard) and the only way I’ll know if go there is to go to your post link. You think WP is trying to tell those who use the Dashboard something… like make your comments at the post site?

        Not all change is for the better.

      • When I send a comment, I get a message that it went through or it failed. I comment directly through my site or through notifications I don’t use the reader. Incoming comments for me are a bit confusing since they are a mixture of, and Go Dog Go Cafe.

      • I go back and forth with the Dash notifications and my emails. Once I’ve ansered a direct comment (all to a particular piece -) then I delete the email that had all of them. Since they show up (from the same day anyway) in one email (though as seperate messages) – I hope that made sense.

      • It makes sense because I do the same. I feel by doing it that way, I won’t miss any comments.

      • And here’s another new development in the Dashboard… your return comments used to show up when you are in ‘All’ Comments – That appears to have changed to – as in they don’t show up there either.

      • (Some glitch… seems all the replies showed up at once… But some still faulter?)

      • WP glitches seem to be more frequent!

  3. I love your masked intruder. Thanks Eugenia for joining in.

  4. This charming photo and poem made me smile! Thanks, Eugi!

  5. Intriguing…

  6. Things that are always, hiding in, plain sight, right, under our, noses…

  7. Ha, character references for a cat! Made me grin, Eugenia! 😼

  8. I want the kitty and that mask makes me think of many different things. That’s a good thing.

    Have a fabulous day, Eugenia. ♥

  9. I love a punchy haiku that leaves a little up to the reader so this one is balanced perfectly. The last word is my favorite; what a fine close!

  10. Kitties often ‘mask’ their true intentions! 😉

  11. Depth in a few words.

  12. This is beautiful Eugenia..❤❤

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