Ez-Pz Writes – 4/9/2022




Piku – A three-line poem. The first line has three syllables. The second line is one syllable. The third line has four syllables.


Image by Quang Le from Pixabay

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“Sometimes, the most meaningful messages are shared through the fewest words.” - Julie B. Campbell
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  1. Interesting word ‘gravitino’ – a bit beyond my grasp, that kind of science.
    The scene does look magical 🙂

  2. Your images are always so vivid… my attempt at Piku poetry; here https://myforever.blog/2022/04/09/piku-poetry-inspired-by-eugenia/

  3. Piku is a new form on me!

  4. Love it! Thanks for sharing, Eugi. <3 xo

  5. Oh wow! Well penned Eugenia. Few words…powerful meaning.

  6. Nicely done and explained

  7. Piku? How interesting, especially to a haikuist. 👍

  8. Eugi, you sent me to Wikipedia for a science lesson. An engaging Piku! <3

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