Eugis Weekly Prompt – Dusk – April 12, 2022

dusk surrenders to

nightfall amid

lavender fields


Your Weekly Prompt – Dusk – April 12, 2022

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Image by 锦光 李 from Pixabay

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  1. I love that lavender field and the accompanying poem. Quite adorable indeed. And your prompts are good too, Eugi. 👍

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  3. Another great image and prompt Eugenia. I have shared.

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  5. Hi Eugenia. Here’s my offering in response to this week’s prompt ‘Dusk’.
    Have an awesome day everyone.

  6. Lavender fields… that conjures perfect images of a peaceful time and place, Eugenia. Just as dusk should be!
    Here’s my post for this week:

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  8. I personally love a starry night sky and all shades of purple. So this poem and picture appeal to me!

  9. Exquisite, Eugi…

  10. Everything okay Eugenia ? 🙂

    • My site had a hiccup, Rory, but all should be okay now. Long story and 2 days of frustration but the beat goes on.

      • Why does your blog keep having glitches Eugenia? Is it something in the WP configuration with themes?

      • Rory, it has to do with Blue Host. Even though, they are very helpful, there seems to be ongoing issues with connections, etc. I may move my blog to now that they have the new plan.

      • That is interesting. The course l am taking reccomends Blue Host but with a WP Blog, but there have been complaints regarding connectivity with BH.

        I made the decision to stay with WP throughout.

  11. Franci, what is this theme, again? Also, do you lose your setting when you have to update the theme? Thanks, Colleen. <3

    • Hi Colleen. My theme is Weaver Xtreme. I use it on both Eugis Causerie and Eclectic Brew. I haven’t lost my settings when it updated, thus far. The theme offers different templates plus every aspect of the theme can be changed. I had an issue with colors when I first started using the theme and the creators of the theme were more than willing to help. It’s a very intricate theme and fun to play with. Once you get into it, I think you’ll like it. ❤️

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