Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Smattering – May 17, 2022


a smattering of thoughts


Your Weekly Prompt – Smattering – May 17, 2022

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Image by Anja-#pray for ukraine# #helping hands# stop the war from Pixabay

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“Sometimes, the most meaningful messages are shared through the fewest words.” - Julie B. Campbell
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  2. Thanks Eugenia for another great image and prompt. I have shared.

  3. Franci, is this the new blog? Did you switch to the pro plan? Hugs and it looks lovely! <3

    • Thank you and yes, this is my new blog and it is on the pro plan. I already had the pro plan for my smaller blog (Eclectic Brew), and with Blue Host having so many issues, I migrated Eugi’s Causerie from Blue Host into the Eclectic Brew blog and renamed it Eugi’s Causerie. I’ve already emptied the Blue Host blog and set it to non-renew so I am down to one blog. ❤️

      • Excellent. The same as me. I’ve heard so many bad things about Blue Host. I’m glad you combined. So, your posts still show up in the reader? I’ll have to investigate that further. <3

      • Yes, my posts are already showing up in the reader! Yay! 🤩 Plus, I’m gaining new followers! I lost many followers when I moved to Blug Host. I feel much more secure with

      • Yup. That’s why I stayed, too. It’s a much better feeling of protection. It was a good lesson. You had no problems transferring your posts? <3

      • The transferring of posts went well except for a few duplications, which most likely was my fault for clicking the submit button twice. Also, a few missing images but easy enough to fix. At least everything migrated, which is more than I can say when I first migrated to Blue Host. Plus WordPress moved my followers for me. I’ve always had good luck with WP’s customer service. ❤️

      • That’s why I stay with them. I had a friend move from GoDaddy. WP wouldn’t help her. GoDaddy wouldn’t help her. Finally, a guy on WP took it upon himself to move her stuff for her. Without him, she would have lost 8 years of blogging. It pays to stay with WP. They just need to make their new editor easier for people to use. It’s rediculious! LOL! <3

      • I’m suprised WP wouldn’t help her. They were very helpful with me and the migration. Yes, the new editor is ridiculous and the FSE is even worse. I put FSE on the back burner because as long as I have a couple of themes that work, I don’t need it. ❤️

      • Same here! It’s crazy. Did you read how users are leaving WP because it’s too difficult?

      • No, I haven’t read that. However, several of my followers are going elsewhere or giving up because of the new editor.

        I just read where Blue Host servers are down again and so glad I moved my site. I had set my old Blue Host site to “coming soon” and decided it’s best to delete it since they’re having so many issues. ❤️

      • I can’t help but wonder if these hosting sites are being hacked which then causes more problems. There’s so much going on in the world. I had MAC updates again which is unusual.

      • They could be more vulnerable than That is unusual that you had MAC updates since MAC isn’t as vulnerable as Windows or Android. I have Windows 11 and the updates are quite frequent.

      • We’ve had a lot of MAC updates. It’s unusual.

  4. Toetallee furabuluss poe-em!!
    How due you due this so well Miss Eugi!?
    Yore amazin!
    ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~ an <3 BellaDharma

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  6. Hi Eugenia. Here is my offering in response to this week’s word prompt ‘Smattering’.

    Have a great day everyone.

  7. Hi Eugenia. Here is my response to this weeks word prompt ‘Smattering’. I am not certain if I have doubled up on this comment. Here’s the link –
    Have a great day everyone.

  8. Hi! Great image!

  9. So happy my reader opened and allowed me to find again your wonderful prompts Eugenia,
    Love the image
    Sending love ❤ 😍

    • Aww, thank you, Sue! I had a self-hosted blog for a while and seems no one could find me. I’m back to WordPress so you’ll see me more often in the reader. I hope all is well with you. 💖

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  14. Four prompts in one haiku/haibun series here: Inner Sight

  15. Here’s mine: Inner Sight

  16. Lovely poem.

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  18. Loved your piece, Eugenia. Spot on! 🙂 Love the word smattering 😉
    Here’s mine

  19. I have always had a soft spot,
    For the word smattering,
    No, honestly, Eugenia, it is true l kid you not,
    …. not just saying so for idle chattering,
    Either, or to display that l have got …
    The knack of using the smatter word in a bantering,
    Way, or to prove that off the trot,
    I can angle the smatter’in a flattering,
    Style of carefree thought!
    It’s just that l have always found the word,
    Smattering a sophisticated approach to smithery,
    One that has the ability without any blurred or slurred,
    … dictions that are Contradictory!
    No, that’s not the inclusion of an absurd,
    … statement either. It is just crafted trickery!
    To state the absolute obviousness of the softest catchword,
    Or, to coin your phrase, creativity,
    That’s the beauty of the proper word witchery word,
    Which is the intricate loveliness of smattering,
    Reminding me that when raindrops land and are scattering,
    Across their merry ways, they are both seen and heard.
    Smattering reminds me of rainfall on a misty morning,
    … and that’s all from this gentle word,
    Which is always so wonderfully charming.

  20. I love it! Such a delightful poem, Rory! You best keep writing poetry, my friend!

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