playfulness stifled

follow society’s norm

inner child hushed

bah humbug my little me

tis time to be a grownup

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, An Inner Child Is “the childlike usually hidden part of a person’s personality that is characterized by playfulness, spontaneity, and creativity usually accompanied by anger, hurt, and fear attributable to childhood experiences.

throwback to childhood

reconnect your inner child

embrace life’s essence

bah humbug anxiety

set your “little being” free

The Saturday Symphony #29 Inner Child #JuneEdition


This month indulge your inner child. Be goofy, be fun, be whiny. Rhyme, share or compose a favourite bedtime story, tongue twister, song. Tell tales of pets, old toys and forgotten delights. Just be playful and have fun. – Jude

You can use art, any form of writing or media.
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  1. I like that spinning dancer in the bulb!

  2. Here’s to BE-ing Free <3 and nurturing that inner child. <3

  3. Sad to say most of us still have that inner child feeling up till today, no matter what age we are.. Our inner child will only emerge out when we are alone by ourselves, when nobody is around to judge us for being childish or too playful at our current ages.

    But let me tell you something.. If you have seen the movie Patch Adams that was acted by the late actor Robin Williams, you should know pretty well what I mean by now. Patch Adams is a movie inspired from a true story. A true story of a Doctor trying to make the world a better place just by using laughter and joy as the best medicine to cure people’s sadness, griefs and deppression.

    • I didn’t see the movie Patch Adams but did some research. That’s a wonderful gesture that he and his volunteers bring humor to those in need. A good example of using one’s inner child to help others. Thank you for your comment.

  4. You’ve captured it perfectly. Isn’t it sad that the inner child has to be quelled in the name of growing up 🙄

  5. Beautifully done Eugenia

  6. Inside, I still feel much the same as I did as a child…regretfully, the outside doesn’t match. 😆

  7. Love it!

  8. We all have one if only we can access it. You promote it well

  9. Wonderfully done ❤✍

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  11. Furabuluss poe-em Miss Eugi!!!
    Mee playss like mee iss 10 monthss old; not 10 yeerss old!! Iss easier fore us 4-leggedss to reeveel our ‘inner kitty’….
    It must bee hard fore Hu’manss’ to have to stifell their ‘inner kidlet’…
    BellaSita Mum sayss you rote xactlee how shee feelss!
    **nose kissess** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

    • I feel we should all keep some of our – inner kitty and/or our inner kidlet. Life’s too short not to. 🥳

  12. Children want to be grown ups, I know I did. Then when the day comes and you realize you are a grown up it’s quite a disappointment. At least it was for me.

  13. Oh, I just love this post!

  14. Every time I create something I thank my ‘Inner child!’
    I had fun with Jude’s prompt smashing it with Sadje’s 😀

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  16. Lovely pair of poems, Eugi! Best not to neglect the inner child!

  17. I am somewhat lucky, l guess,
    … to have an inner mischevious playfulness,
    My inner child,
    Always somewhat wild,
    Is always keen to land me in a mess!
    Of course, not everyone is best pleased,
    .. when the inner me is squeezed,
    Alas, what can one say,
    Ooooh l know, all sneaky’s aside,
    To Eugenia, Happy Birthday!
    I bet you thought l was going to let it slide,
    But no! Of course not. What do you take me for?
    … a bah humbug imp?
    A frightful ageist bore?
    No, never not l, never one to skimp,
    On a bit of a joke,
    ….. a teasing and playful leg pull,
    I am not that kind of bloke,
    So here l say again,
    Happy Birthday, Little Being Eugi,
    Have you had cake and champagne?
    … to celebrate turning thirty 🙂

  18. Gorgeous and so delightful to read. loved the ballerina lightbulb too. Excellent work on the prompt, Eugi.

  19. Dope .. never let the inner child die

  20. This is so playful and fun Eugenia!
    I love it!! 💖💖

  21. Beautiful Creation

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