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Tuesday Chatter Weekly – April 17, 2017

Greetings, Everyone! Tidbits from the year 1976 The average cost of new house $43,400.00, average income per year $16,000.00, average monthly rent $220.00, a gallon of gas 59 cents. No surprise as inflation is on the rise. Fidel Castro becomes The President of Cuba, NASA debuts the first space […]

Tuesday Chatter Weekly – April 3, 2017

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” ― Robert Frost  Another year of oddities and surprises   piggy banks in the red can’t buy bread There’s no salvation as we face inflation There’s global recession a dawning of depression  Patty Hearst […]

Tuesday Chatter Weekly – March 27, 2017

Coffee’s brewing! Tidbits from the year 1973 1973 was an interesting year for politics, sports, and music. Watergate hearings begin in the U.S., President Nixon tells the nation “I am not a crook”, Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns due to dealing with charges of tax evasion, Gerald Ford […]

Tuesday Chatter Weekly – March 12, 2017

Presenting Tuesday Chatter Cafe! Tidbits from the year 1971 In 1971, the microprocessor was invented and we experienced the beginning of the digital age.  Transistor technology was being used more and more in products such as handheld calculators. National Public Radio (NPR) broadcasts for the first time. Walt […]

Tuesday Chatter Weekly – March 5, 2017

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” ― Mark Twain Tidbits of the year 1970 The Seventies was known as the “pivot of change”. 1970 saw a large increase in inflation worldwide. This was mostly due to the Oil Crisis in the Middle East. Also, […]