Be Earnest with Purpose

  Checkmate my friends  Maneuvers of the mind Find thoughts of like kind  Wishes upon dreams Schemes mold into themes  Leave the door ajar Let life know who you are To visualize your goals Will fullfill your soul -Eugenia In… Read More ›

Ago Ala Mode

  Yesteryear was a good year We sang to a different tune Double dip treats on the moon Days of apple pie a la mode A grandparent and a story foretold -Eugenia   This week the event is to Write a story… Read More ›

Researching Oneself

    Mirror mirror on the wall Life prisms reflect a spineless flaw A mind is tapped to absorb the call But, shards of thoughts remain uncovered Hidden abilities yet to be discovered Let’s second the motion to transcribe what’s… Read More ›

Tale of Woe

  I faked my teacher with a woven tale Full of salty ideas and high five flaws A poor attempt to receive applause Well taught lessons lost their cause My tilt of the lilt caused my fail -Eugenia   This… Read More ›

Learn the Ropes Folk

We got rich folk and thin folk, town folk and plain folk There’s sick folk and grim folk and those that are broke folk And those that like to sing folk their lullabies to wee folk Behold masters of what’s… Read More ›

Embrace Education

  To copy paste in school Breaks a rule, makes one a fool When class dismissed guilt persists A greater risk of being dissed There’s no reward for being bored -Eugenia   This week the event is to Write a story or… Read More ›

Smokescreen Baby

  She was lean and mean a mere string bean She loved the scene at the local canteen A cup of caffeine sparked her routine She wowed her fans with her tambourine A silver screen queen and only thirteen -Eugenia… Read More ›


Oh to fit in and be like the rest A bowtie smile and looking your best You continued to deceive We no longer believe You labeled yourself as an unwanted guest -Eugenia   This week the event is to Write a story… Read More ›

Life on Hold

There’s this wise old raven Yesteryear was his destination Wanting to solve life’s equations Stepped up to the occasion But his memory was on vacation -Eugenia   This week the event is to Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using… Read More ›

Avoid Muddy Puddles

 Fumbles, bumbles, turmoil and troubles Slapdash ideas resulting in struggles No sense dwelling on words that crumble  Avoid woebegone faces and those that grumble Retreat to the glade and enjoy the chuckles -Eugenia   This week the event is to Write a… Read More ›