Double rainbow

adoring moments gifts from yonder bring us joy encore please encore Collaboration with rainbow ride at Aroused Photo taken June 17, 2017 (my birthday) in Helen, GA -Eugenia image credits – personal property

Ode to a dad

he was the man, my dad, he showed me the way taught me what to say filled me with hope oh, those slippery slopes together, we laughed, we cried had nothing to hide took life in our stride my mentor,… Read More ›


Meet our new catkid, Callie, adopted on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2020. Callie is a tortoiseshell cat, which these cats are known to be frisky and fun! Yep, no doubt about that!! Tortoiseshell cats are affectionately known as “torties” and… Read More ›

Halloween Mountain Trip

a mountain retreat wonder what’s in them thar hills orange moon shines troubled My hubby, Paul, and I are spending Halloween in our favorite quaint mountain town, Blue Ridge, Georgia. Only a one hour drive yet a million miles away…. Read More ›

A Final Song

Winter played her song She loved the chill in the air Divine harmonies Summer played her song She loved the warmth of the sun Divine harmonies Spring played her song She loved the new beginnings Divine harmonies Autumn played her song… Read More ›


Good afternoon mom! I’m so glad you dropped by for coffee, and I am brewing a fresh pot of your favorite just for you. Hmm, there’s nothing better than the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, don’t you agree? It’s a… Read More ›