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Good News! 🤩

My poem, A Fine Autumn Day has been selected for inclusion in PoetrySoup’s first anthology. A Fine Autumn Day This is PoetrySoup’s first attempt at publishing the works of its great member poets and I am thrilled they are featuring my poetry. PoetrySoup… Read More ›

The Anthology – Fae Dreams

Fae Dreams, A Multiple Author Anthology, includes five of my poems, and is now available for pre-order. Amazon America mister moon my friend show the way with guiding light -Eugenia image source – courtesy of Fae Corps Publishing

Anthology: Faery Footprints

Faery Footprints  A Multiple Author Anthology by Fae Corps Publishing   BY: Phillip Scott, Pallavi, Pali Raj, Nk, Nikki Marrone, Nicholas J Grinder, Molly Hogan, Megha Sood, Linda Crate, Ivor Steven, Gary S Rosin, Eugenia Hoffman, Dancing Heart Designs, Andrew McDowell, Cynthia Pilcher, Michael J, Walters, Deedra Nichole, Patricia Harris, Serena Mossgraves  Poetry published in the anthology “Faery Footprints” by… Read More ›

Spillwords – A Season of Smiles

signals from springtimebirds and bees blossoms and thingsa season to swoon fragrant scents carefreetrees bathe in the warming sunfields sway side to side Spooky Festivities Abandonment A Christmas Tree Wish Diversion -Eugenia