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BrewNSpew Cafe – September 24, 2018

“It’s in the light of the day that we see the lies for what they are.” ― Anthony T. Hincks Word of the week – taradiddle/tarradiddle – (noun) – a trivial or childish lie; a fib; pretentious nonsense. Synonyms – fable, fabrication, fib, lie, mendacity, story, tale, whopper. […]

BrewNSpew Cafe – September 10, 2018

Creativity may be hard to nurture but it’s easy to thwart – Adam Grant Word of the week – thwart (verb) – prevent (someone) from accomplishing something. To oppose successfully; defeat the hopes or aspirations of. Synonyms – stop, prevent, keep from, foil, frustrate. get that chin off […]

BrewNSpew Cafe – August 27, 2018

“We would be a lot safer if the Government would take its money out of science and put it into astrology and the reading of palms. Only in superstition is there hope. If you want to become a friend of civilization, then become an enemy of the truth […]

BrewNSpew Cafe – August 20, 2018

“I think that knowledge enslaves us, that at the base of all knowledge there is a servility, the acceptation of a way of life wherein each moment has meaning only in relation to another or others that will follow it.”― Georges Bataille, The Unfinished System of Nonknowledge Word of the […]

BrewNSpew Cafe – August 13, 2018

There’s something magical about the idea that you can write something down and someone else will read it. I’m still mildly agog about that” – Kerry Greenwood Word of the week – agog (adjective) – eager, excited, impatient, anxious, avid, keen synonyms – agape, anticipant, expectant, breathless, on […]

BrewNSpew Cafe – August 6, 2018

 bountiful embrace joyful times, honey, and wine happy August days § Welcome to August, the month when we begin to think about autumn. Of course, there are plenty of warm and sunny days left to enjoy our summer activities. August is a wonderful month for sweet corn, tomatoes, […]