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A casuistry tale…

Originally posted on Patricia's Place:
Visiting the BrewNSpew Cafe with a Three Line Tale, Week 129 photo by Alex Knight via Unsplash A Casuistry Tale Excuse me, I am new here and don’t know my way around.  Could you tell me where the Ladies Battery Room is, please? I have an appointment with HR…


Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
carefully edited highlights creative brilliance at play cultivated mindsets constructed persona coming together cattiness of casuistry complex calls ? BrewNSpew Cafe 6


Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
passion overflowing thru’ bits and bytes of social media stories to evoke emotions shared zealously without a thought the sophistry has been paid for by vested interests ? BrewNSpew Cafe


Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
mis-directed oscillations in chill-zones of fear and indecision taking off at tangents into unplanned orbs acquire a force to obstruct progress but create illusion of a vacuum and we label those vacillations ? BrewNSpew Cafe 4


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Black-eyed Susans gossip in the gullies between the road and corn past harvest, clouds in feather boas waltz through pale silk skies, and cows head home for milking, while the hawk holds vigil on a fence post. – Sarah Russell  First published in The Houseboat  Republished in Your Daily…