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Flash Fiction: Coffee

Originally posted on The Dark Netizen:
He sat at the coffee shop, much like every morning, enjoying the little free time he got. He checked his watch: 9.30, an hour of freedom and then back to the terrors of his servile corporate job. The line moved forward, and it would soon be his turn to…

Mindsets rule

Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
Servility – a mindset ? -imposed on some not allowed to blossom ? -a strategic move for prosperity and success in times to come ? -some born without it unmoved by adversity march along, alone on paths cumbersome ? BrewNSpew Cafe

happiness is a state of mind :)

Originally posted on syncwithdeep:
Henry was agog with joy. The pitter patter raindrops created a shield around him. He quickly rushed to his room and brought out a handful of paper boats and lined up.   He waited for the puddle to drift the colorful paper boats. Horrid Henry is an avid reader. FFfAW Challenge…

Nursing a grudge

Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
He reached late. Employees were supposed to log in by 9 am, and it was three minutes past nine. “I’m sorry, Ma’m! There’s a huge traffic jam on the route I take.” “Find a better excuse.” All eyes are on him. The office has been agog with rumors, on why…