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#TuesdayChatter – February 13, 2018

Originally posted on Jottings and Writings:
Getting to the Tuesday Chatter late today. So hubby had the routine procedure done today on his eye that I had mentioned before. He had the same procedure done on his other eye last month. After the procedure we stopped by Einstein Bagels and got a Bakers Dozen plus…

While I wait…

Originally posted on Patricia's Place:
Thought I would stop in at the Tuesday Chatter Cafe while I wait for the cinnamon rolls to cool enough to put the icing on them.  I told myself I would make these for tomorrow’s breakfast but of course, I will have to sample one tonight before bed.  And I…

Poetry Conceived

Originally posted on Writing and Reflections:
? A curious power — finding magic hiding between the thorn and the rose ? with wounded words found in rain-soaked cities and wide-open fields ? between walls of glass that sparkle before dawn smudges and distorts clear blue skies ? the lonely poet wears a cloak meant for…


Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
Instincts are bits of the universe, reflecting in our subconscious. Our conscious mind ignores those, as logic does not have a formula or strategy or structured map to explain it. We fear being labelled stupid or illogical. But energy travels and interacts and leaves imprints on the world. It reflects…

#TuesdayChatter – February 06, 2018

Originally posted on Jottings and Writings:
*Note: Didn’t realize that I hadn’t actually posted this blog before posting the one mentioned at the end of this blog, so things are out of order. Kind of a busy day today. Earlier this morning we went through the monthly “what do we need” list, getting ready for…

The Write Word? Post 5

Originally posted on Stuart Aken:
Word cloud created through Do you sometimes struggle to find the ‘right’ word for your writing? I know I do. Perhaps, in improving myself, I can help other writers. Today’s words: Discombobulate, Clear as mud, Cruelly, Tricolon. Synonyms are alternative words that might say exactly what you’re trying to…

Ranting along

Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
The shadow of the building gets bigger, as my existence lies scattered on the grass. The brilliant species of Homo Sapiens has not been able to invent a man-made material for construction. They cannot comprehend my speechlessness, nor empathize with my pain. I am unable to tell them, that it…

December Moon

Originally posted on See Norway – Se Norge:
Av og til blir motivet for fristende til å la være. Og stadig håper man på en atmofære fri for smog og/eller skyer. Og fortsatt handler det om ‘frihåndsfotografering’. Once in a while the motif becomes too tempting not to try for a special shot. And every…


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