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Japanese Poetry Forms

Sharing information on Japanese Poetry forms

Dark Side of the Moon

Lately I have been exploring the many forms of poetry, both new and old, because sometimes I find it easier to write with a blueprint. Ultimately I intend to try my hand at every form I come across, for the sake of expanding my horizons, though undoubtedly I will use some of them only once. My main resource for this study is a website called Shadow Poetry: A Poet’s Writing Resource. Someone has asked me to share what I am learning, and I’m very happy to do so. So here is my first article about poetry, and I’ve created a new tab in the menu, “About Poetry,” for the express purpose of sharing what I’ve learned.

This first installment is about Japanese poetic forms. There are six that I have come across, and all of them are quite short. Evidently, the Japanese are fond of brevity.

Some characteristics…

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Concept Maps of Life

Sharing great read by Reena.

Reena Saxena

The book title that inspired this is “The Road Less Travelled” by M. Scott Peck.



Taking a particular road, is always a deliberate choice.

The busiest highways of life are so densely populated, due to the perceived security of being in known territory. But known to whom? The travellers are stepping on that ground for the first time. They trust the experience of others who have preceded them. We seek traffic updates from people who are moving ahead of us, or from a GPRS/satellites/drones watching the road from above.

Here, we operate with different mind-sets:

  1. Follower

One is to believe that the experience of people in the close vicinity benefits us. This is what we do, when we accept guidance from others with gratitude, or conform to the norms laid down by our ancestors or mentors.

2. Student

Another is to believe in an entity, which is detached from…

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EF Management Tips and Tricks

Some food for thought from Madelyn.

ADD . . . and-so-much-more

5 Tips for better Executive Functioning
Part II – Systems to Develop into Habits

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
PART TWO: In support of The Executive Functioning Series

Found HERE

Quick Review:

In the introduction to this 4-part article, I went over some of the concepts underlying “the systems approach” and why it works.

I explained how systems and habits help us conserve cognitive resources for when they are really needed.

I went on to add that despitemy dislike of articles and books that offer seemingly fix-it-ALL tips and tricks, I still share online tips myself from time to time — and that I was about to share five of them, despite the fact that  I strongly prefer sharing underlying principles, so that anyone reading might be able to figure out how to tweak to fit. 

  • I appended the caveat that nothing works for everyone

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Sharing stunning photos of beautiful roses by Svein.

See Norway - Se Norge

Det er dene tiden på året da rosene står i blomst, og – det ville vært trist om vi ikke skulle sikre oss noen sommerminner fra 2017? Jeg skulle bare ønsket at vi også kunne formidle duften, men så langt har vi ennå ikke kommet.
.This is the time of the year when our roses are standing in a full bloom, and – it wouldn’t be right if we could not preserve the beauty of our roses in the summer of 2017?

(Compliments of SRB)
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Welcome to my blog!

Welcoming Lada, a new blogger and one of my good friends from beBee.

What Interests Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! The day has finally come, I started my personal blog and joined the blogging community!

I shall post about things I am interested. Hope you will like it. If you fellow reader have any question or suggestion, please get in touch with me here.

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Hey, Miss Daisy


Time is priceless, you know

Father time tells me so

Perhaps more caffeine

Will kickstart my being

I’ve been on a roll

Trying to meet my goals

Before the new year

Which is almost here!

Now you see Miss Daisy

I’m really not lazy

No, it hasn’t slipped my mind

That you were so kind

Oh, you made my day

by sending that sunshiny ray

Even though my blog is award free

Your nomination is a bundle of hugs to me


Thank you to my friend Daisy In The Willows, “The WOW and woe moments of an irrepressible woman” Daisy in the Willows  





About Ideas by Sofia Kioroglou

Sharing worthy message by blogger Sofia.

In Between Hangovers

Ideas are bricks
Sometimes they can be building blocks
At other times they can be thrown through windows
It just takes a moment to make well-structured societies fall apart

sofia-kioroglou Sofia Kioroglou is a twice award-winning poet, journalist, writer and prolific blogger residing in Athens, Greece, with her husband Peter. Her work can be found in print and online, most recently in Galleon Literary Journal. To learn more about her work, visit:

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Tonight’s Light-Show

Sharing beautiful sunset photos from Svein.

See Norway - Se Norge

Dette er ikke et vanlig innlegg!  Denne gang er det viktig at du leser det som skrives!
For det første er det ‘åpningen’ på den ‘forestillingen’ vi lovet, bare vi fikk tid på oss til å etterbehandle bilder, men – foreløpig publiserer vi bare ett bilde.  Årsaken til dette er at vi gjentagende ganger har bedt dere fortelle oss hva dere synes om solnedganger som motiv, om RAW-formatet (slik vi bruker det) m.v., men – dere har i praksis ikke svart på noe av det.

Så hva gjør vi da? Vi kunne ha droppet det hele, men har bestemt oss for å prøve èn gang til. Vi publiserer ett bilde! På ‘like nr 2’ vil vi sette inn ytteligere ett bilde! Etter ‘like nr 3’ kommer ytterligere ett bilde! Vi vil i det hele tatt forsøke å publisere like mange bilder som det er ‘likes’ avgitt, 10 ‘likes’ = 10…

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